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Fort Scott Munitions - About Tumble Upon Impact

April 07, 20231 min read

About Tumble Upon Impact

Fort Scott Munitions is a leading provider of Personal Defense and Hunting Ammunition. Their Tumble Upon Impact® TUI® design ensures that their Handgun and Rifle Ammunition offer superior performance. The monolithic, solid copper projectiles are specially engineered to tumble when striking water-based tissue, resulting in a clean, ethical kill. With this innovative design, Fort Scott Munitions is revolutionizing the industry of Personal Defense and Hunting Ammunition.

Skin Vitals Image

Bullet travels straight through skin into vital organ area to do the most damage.

Water Based Tissue Image

Once hitting the water-based tissue, the bullet begins to tumble.

180 Degree Rotation Image

The bullet has rotated 180 degrees causing extreme wound cavities.

Violently Tumbles Image

TUI® ammo violently tumbles cutting through everything in its path causing excessive damage.

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